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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

"I wanted the music to feel like a post-rave headache, the bass and rhythm still echoing under the tinnitus"

- Adam Janota Bzowski

femme artwork_5.jpg

In this erotic noir thriller, Janota Bzowski's score takes the perspective of the film's lead character Jules, scoring his seduction and anxiety with skittering drum machines and effervescent, decaying trance synths. Spectral, pitchshifted voices weave in and out of the mix, obscuring the singer’s gender in tandem with Femme's themes of drag and hidden identities.

"The film is propelled by a form of static club music, a hypnotic, sedated, thrumming rave you can’t dance to, exploring the tension between eroticism and fear"

- Adam Janota Bzowski

Written in a four week sprint, the score was written in Janota Bzowski’s new studio, overlooking the South East London skyline - a nighttime cityscape which informed the score’s contemporary, pulsating sound, and fitted the film's grittily garish cinematography.

"an excellent contemporary score...that enhances the tension"

Notable Tracks:

  • Sauna Reprise

  • Glutton For Punishment

  • Upload

  • The Real Deal

  • The Gamer

Key Dates

Release Info

  • Digital only release on all major streaming platforms

  • Released 12th February 2024

  • Nominated for 2023 BIFA Best Original Score

  • Mastered by Aneek Thapar

Film Info

  • USA Cinematic release -
    22nd March, 2024

  • UK Netlfix streaming - 
    29th February, 2024

Director: Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping  
Producer: Sam Ritzenberg, Myles Payne
Writer: Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping
Distribution: Signature Entertainment


Adam Janota Bzowski is a fearless composer with an innovative and deeply complex textural sound world. Most recently, Adam has scored Out of Darkness directed by Andrew Cumming, Neil Burger’s The Marsh King’s Daughter ,‘Loch Henry’ for the latest season of Charlie Brooker’s Black MirrorFemme directed by Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping and Animal starring Rory Kinnear and Sam Claflin.

His first feature length score for A24’s BAFTA nominated film Saint Maud won him Best Original Music at the 2020 Gérardmer Fantasticarts Film Festival and a Best Music nomination at the 2019 BIFAs. Marrying both music and sound design, his use of groaning synths and mangled percussion is sinister, claustrophobic, unrelenting, and laid the foundations of a composer who is unafraid to push musical boundaries.

As a child he was known for his fondness of the intermittent static in between radio stations, an interest that would later see him study Sound Art at University of Brighton. Whilst living in a disused biscuit factory on the English coast, Adam became involved in the ambient music scene, using an old 4-track tape recorder and guitar pedals to make compositions, a method he continues to use today.

Adam is a London based composer.



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